Piano Works Debussy
Voetvolk/ Lisbeth Gruwez & Claire Chevallier

TUES 3 March 2020 |20.00|Dansfabrik, Le Quartz, Brest, FRANCE
WED 4 March 2020 |20.00 |Dansfabrik, Le Quartz, Brest, FRANCE
SAT 21 March 2020 |20.00|Teatro Era Pontadera, ITALY
THUR 26 March 2020|20.00 | Klara Festival – KVS, Brussels, Belgium
FRI 27 March 2020 |20.00 | KVS, Brussels, Belgium
SAT 28 March 2020 | 20.00 | KVS, Brussels, Belgium


Recital Claire Chevallier:
Sonates op. 53 (Waldstein) , op.54, op.57 (Appassionata)
SUN 2 February 2020 | 13.30 | AMUZ Antwerpen, Belgium


Rumour has it that this is the place to find out more about French pianist Claire Chevallier. Rumours are mostly correct. Perhaps you also heard she has a passion for Erard fortepianos. It's true. Check her collection. One could say she is into the arts, all arts. Well, she's an artist herself and she loves working with colleagues, in music, in theatre, in dance, in visuals arts. Check her projects. And should you get curious, there's plenty of opportunities to see her live at work. No need to wait to enjoy her music though. It's right here. Enjoy.


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