TCHAIKOVSKY- CD Passacaille Records 1047

Pianoforte Jakob Davidovitch Becker, 1875, St Petersburg


Last portrait with pianos

Claire Chevallier
16 december 2017
Photo: Alex Vanhee

Collection | Erard | Becker

Claire Chevallier
16 december 2017
Photo: Alex Vanhee

MATA-HARI /Claire Chevallier/Claron Mac Fadden/Josse de Pauw

NL: In vredestijd werd ze als erotische danseres bejubeld en bemind door de machtigste mannen van het continent. In oorlogstijd werd ze als vermeende spionne door diezelfde mannen genadeloos terechtgesteld. Waarom kunnen wij -honderd jaar na haar dood – haar mysterie nog altijd niet doorgronden? In dit theatrale liedrecital wordt haar verhaal verteld door acteur Josse De Pauw op een filmscherm, vanuit de verschillende perspectieven van de vele mannen in en na haar leven. Sopraan Claron McFadden en pianiste Claire Chevallier bieden een weerwoord met muziek van Mata-Hari’s tijdgenoten en met brieven van de roemruchte danseres zelf.


EN: In the time of peace, she was hailed as an erotic dancer and loved by the most powerful men of the continent. In wartime, she was accused of being a spy and mercilessly executed by the same men. Why are we – one hundred years after her death – still not able to comprehend her mystery? In this theatrical song recital, her story is told by actor Josse De Pauw on a film screen, from the perspective of the many men in (and after) her life. Soprano Claron McFadden and pianist Claire Chevallier offer a rebuttal with music by Mata-Hari’s contemporaries and with letters from the infamous dancer herself.



Music by: Poulenc, Debussy, Ravel, Duparc, Saint-Saëns, Satie, Schoenberg, Walton, Chevallier/Mac Fadden
Stage director: Jean Lacornerie



Productie: Muziektheater TRANSPARANT

PREMIERE: DE SINGEL, ANTWERP, 8 september 2017



Photos by Koen Broos: photosmata hari


JOS VAN IMMERSEEL   ( secondo)

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Hungarian Dances, WoO 1

Edvard Grieg ( 1843-1907)
Norwegian Dances, op.35

Antonin Dvorak ( 1841-1904)
Slavonic Dances, op.46, B.78

Piano Bechstein, 1870

modeste moussorgski | tableaux d’une exposition | claire chevallier CYP1675


1-16_tableaux d’une exposition (1874)
17_ méditation ( 1880)
18_ intermezzo in modo classico ( 1867)
19_ une larme ( 1880)

claire chevallier_ piano j.d. becker, Saint-Pétersbourg ( 1875)


frankfurter allgemeine Schubertiade

AEB-Master Class Series




The idea to organize a yearly master class arose from an assessment of the current status of early music education. Curricula and workshops devoted to ‘Early Music’ are being offered by several institutes, allowing for specialists to pass on their knowledge to a new generation of musicians. While the domain of early music – usually stretching from medieval to 18th-century – is at the center of attention, music from later era’s is usually left out. This is the domain Anima Eterna Brugge has been exploring for over 25 years. As much joy as it has given us to aggregate and internalize these skills and practices, we feel it would be at least equally gratifying to share them and pass them on to the musicians of the future.


Fortepiano: Jos van Immerseel & Claire Chevallier
Violin: Brian Dean
Clarinet: Lisa Schklyaver

More instruments in 2016! / education

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Projet de recherche sur les pianos du 19ème siècle en Russie. Entretien avec Pierre Bouckaert. 2014


Interview de Claire Chevallier au milieu de sa collection de pianoforte et dans des lieux très actifs de la crèation contemporaine de Bruxelles.


[audio:MOVIMENTO _ Claire Chevallier.mp3]


18.02.2012 – 16:00 France Culture




Rumour has it that this is the place to find out more about French pianist Claire Chevallier. Rumours are mostly correct. Perhaps you also heard she has a passion for Erard fortepianos. It's true. Check her collection. One could say she is into the arts, all arts. Well, she's an artist herself and she loves working with colleagues, in music, in theatre, in dance, in visuals arts. Check her projects. And should you get curious, there's plenty of opportunities to see her live at work. No need to wait to enjoy her music though. It's right here. Enjoy.


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